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Most issues are caused by AntiVirus interference. Some of the issues that it may cause range from not being able to connect to the server, to not being able to generate documents.

Before calling SettsPlus support, please temporarily disable (if possible) your anti-virus software and retry what you were initially trying to do. If it now works, then we know it's an Anti-Virus issue right away.

It's important to note that CSolutions is unable to modify, activate or disable Anti-Virus software. This is your IT person's responsibility and they should be notified of the issue.

****** CSolutions is not responsible and will not make any changes to your antivirus software. *******

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Here are some possible symptoms and what they cause is, in regards to AntiVirus interference:

- Generating Letters is taking too long, a downloading message keeps appearing (Cause: Files are being scanned)

- Opening some screens in SettsPlus takes too long (Cause: DBF Files are being scanned)

- Cannot connect to the server (Cause: Server Firewall)

- Cannot Open PDF documents in SettsPlus (Cause: Anti Virus is blocking SettViewer.exe)

- Cannot print cheques, not being able to communicate with Cheque server(Cause: Server Firewall)

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Here is a rough guide of how your Ati-Virus should be configured:

- Do not scan files that are on the SettsPlus Shared network drive (Generally S:\)

- Do not scan DBF files that are on the SettsPlus Shared network drive (Generally S:\)

- Exceptions should be added for the folder C:\Program Files\Settlement and/or C:\Program Files(X86)\Settlement

- Exceptions should be added for the Program C:\Program Files\Settlement\SettsPlus.exe or C:\Program Files(X86)\Settlement\ SettsPlus.exe

- Exceptions should be added for the Program C:\Program Files\Settlement\SettViewer.exe or C:\Program Files(X86)\Settlement\ SettViewer.exe

- Exceptions to the server Firewall should be added for the Incoming and Outgoing ports (23165 and 23166))

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