Error Codes and Their Meaning


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Sometimes the state of your machine can impact SettsPlus. So it's easier to find what the issue is, we've assigned error codes to various problems that display when they occur. Each error code has a meaning and even though they rarely occur, it's good to know what they mean.

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1310 - This means that Codebase is not running on the server machine. This means that the computer that runs the codebase isn't powered on, or perhaps has fell asleep. It's always a good idea to go check that the server is on. If the server is looked after by your own IT people, then it's a good idea to contact them.

If you've checked that the server is running, then it may be an anti-virus issue and the firewall is blocking SettsPlus. If this is the case, refer to the appropriate section in the F.A.Q. However, it's always a good idea to use your IT person when it comes to anything anti-virus or server related.

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300 - Codebase is not running on the server. Like the above step, you need to check that your server is running codebase.

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