I'm having some issues because I'm running TeamViewer version 10 or above.


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Step 1

SettsPlus support uses a specific version of TeamViewer which is version 9. Sometimes your machine may have TeamViewer 10 already installed, or used by some of your IT staff.
Unfortunately, we are unable to remote in if we're given the login details for Teamviewer 10. We will need to close 10 off, before opening 9.

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Step 2

At the bottom right of Windows you have the current time, date and little icons like volume or your anti-virus. You should spot a little upwards arrow. If you press this, it shows your hidden icons.

These are the programs currently running but not normally visible. If TeamViewer isn't appearing, it's usually caused by TeamViewer already being open. Here's an image to show you where you should be looking. The icon is circled.

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Step 3

Next, right click the little blue TeamViewer icon and press exit.

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Step 4

Now CLICK HERE to learn how to open the SettsPlus helpdesk.

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